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Energy Work At A Distance

"What is Resonance Repatterning? Resonance Repatterning is a process you can do on yourself and others to create a higher state of coherence - a higher state of energy, harmony and success in all areas of your life.  Mercury Retrograde can present us with a challenging energy that may spiral our energy down or up depending on our coherence.   This resonance  Repatterning session is to help us regain our balance and energy and to make constructive use of the energy Mercury Retrograde sends us.  

The process uses biofeedback from the body's own physical system and "maps" from the yogic chakra system, Acupuncture system of elements and meridians and a variety of energy modalities from disciplines studying the effects of sound, color, smell etc.  For a more detailed description visit the Holographic Repatterning Association web site, or to know what happens in a session visit personal sessions 

How Does Long Distance Healing Work?  Why Should I Believe? 

Scientists say, that at some level the universe as we know it, is simply a vibrating field of energy.  Everything in the universe has a vibration to it and the overlapping fields of energy create one unified field we know as the universe.  It is this interconnection that makes the idea of long distance healing possible.

Did you ever have the experience of suddenly thinking about a friend and in the next few moments they unexpectedly call you?    People with pets often know that their pets can sense when their owner is coming home, or that something is wrong.  In an ongoing research study by the California Pacific Medical Center it has been shown that individuals with a health problem got better, had fewer trips to the doctor and lived longer when a "healer" visualized the individual at a distance in perfect health over a period of time.  This is the unified field in motion.

In the resonance repatterning system we call this long distance method "The proxy method"  as individuals give us permission to do the session just as you would give someone your "proxy vote" at a meeting.

Recommended Reading:  If you would like to read more about the science of it all, I have 3 great books to recommend:

1) The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

2) "The Field - The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe" by Lynne McTaggart (Click the link to visit her website)

3)"Quantum Change Made Easy" by Chloe Faith Wordsworth and Gail Noble Glanville.

Resonance Repatterning by proxy  is a practical application of these theories. Aligned for Mercury Retrograde is one of many topics I offer online to groups who wish to be included by proxy. 


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