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Reduce Mercury Retrograde Stress and Join the Program for inner Alignment!

What is Mercury Retrograde?  Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year.  It is common to hear people speak of this period with trepidation! 

What is actually happening in the world of planets and motion is that Mercury appears to move backwards from the perspective of the Earth.  In actual fact Mercury is not moving backwards!  If this upsets you don't worry.  All astrology is based on the appearance of things.  The Sun doesn't actually rise, the Earth turns.  You knew that. 

So the meaning in Mercury retrograde is found in the symbolic interpretation of this apparent backward motion.   It can help us to understand and navigate our world with greater ease.   Read More...

When is it Retrograde in 2016?  Mercury is retrograde 4 times in 2016.   Make a note and plan around these dates!:
  • April 09, 2017 May 3, 2017
    Shadow from: Mar. 28 May. 21
  • August 12, 2017 September 05, 2017 28
    Shadow from: Jul. 25 Shadow till: Sep. 19
  • December 03, 2017 December 23rd 2017
    Shadow from: November 15 January 11 2018
Do You Resonate with Mercury Retrograde?  Do a quick internet search and you will find a great deal of information about activities that are not favored by Mercury retrograde energy.  The list includes:
  • not to start anything new or launch new initiatives or projects
  • avoid signing contracts, starting a new job, buy a house or other large financial committment.
  • also double check appointments, times, and details.   Mercury loves to trip you up on the small stuff
  • and check on communications

The energy also has it's positive side to tap into...  

  • a great time to de-clutter and put things in order
  • finish off existing projects
  • resolve unfinished business
  • get things fixed
  • do planning and strategizing
  • on the spiritual side, journal, meditate, or contemplate your journey to date


Do You Resonate With the Best of Mercury Retrograde?   The natural cycles of Mercury retrograde is just that - a natural cycle.  In a way of life gone by humans were more in touch with the ebb and flow of earthly energies.  We got up with the sun, and slowed things down when Mercury was retrograde. 

By contrast, in our digital life style we are forever pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished in a day.  The sun going down does not stop us from going to bed at late hours after a long day of work.  We have no time to slow down and annoyed when the Trickster planet gets in our way. We ignore the signs of what can be accomplished. 

Most people who discover Mercury retrograde can relate at least one or more disasters they can relate to this period.  Once you are aware some may find it easy to become more in sync with this astrological type weather. 


If not....

Resonance Repatterning Can Help!

We are at our core an energy field of pulsing frequencies - what we resonate with is exactly what we experience.  We may have very good intentions and want the best for ourselves.  But if our energy field resonates more strongly with our limitations, fears, or problems instead of our intentions our experience will be frustrating.    With the Resonance Repatterning healing system we can identify and transform the precise unconscious patterns vibrating in our field that need to clear in order to manifest our desires.   For example when you are aligned for Mercury retrograde, you organically avoid starting new projects, or take the time to double check things like appointments.   You start to work with the energy of Mercury retrograde and make better moment to moment choices rather than struggle against it. 

This elegant system of healing can be done for individuals or in group sessions with shared topic - such as Mercury retrograded. 


Align for Mercury Retrograde - Holographic Coach Carolyn Winter works with Astrologer Julie SImmons to repattern a group online for the topic Align for Mercury Retrograde.  Anyone may register and join the group session.  Participants submit their specific Mercury retrograde issues and intentions in advance of the session. The information is used anonymously by Professional astrologer Julie Simmons who proxies the group energy in a Resonance Repatterning session facilitated by Holographic Coach and RR practitioner Carolyn Winter.  Participants may watch the session live as an online video streaming event or the posted recording.   Everyone receives a copy of the session notes afterwards.

Experience more peace, calm and flow
during the Mercury Retrograde period and quite possibly some delightful unexpected surprises


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